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How It Works

  • Rent It

    Sign up and book your bike on our site. Otherwise you can walk in at the store and book online with the system provided here.

  • Ride It

    We will sms your bike's number plate. Unlock it via Rajasthan bikes app or sms and you are ready to ride it.

  • Roar It

    You are all set to roar on the road.

Client Testimonials

  • A kickass team, turned lifesaver for me, in an expensive era. Here you don’t need redbull to give you wings. RB will give you wings. Must visit /experience RB services Cheers.

  • Rajasthan bikes have been very helpful during the trip we had. Though it was first experience with RB, but the expertise knowledge was un-matchable. There was no issue on bikes. As they were brand new.. Harley was a way smooth to ride for.. Keep it up Rajasthan Bikes.. planning for a new trip now.. cheers…

    Manoj Varma